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Weslodge Saloon

City Walk

Visually, Weslodge is a knockout. Embark on your Weslodge journey here, as you discover a rugged, stylish space and evocative culinary masterpieces.
In the heart of City Walk, Weslodge Saloon’s yellow doors welcome family and friends to experience a change in quirky and modern atmosphere filled with delicious food, ambiance, and views. With Burj Khalifa on our backs and the lights of City Walk surrounding us, for lunch and dinner, there is no better location. Once inside, it’s all about how the refined meets the ruggedly quirky with many of its best-loved features having prominence; the hip and confident staff, the upscale rock n roll meets chic vibes. The food is some of the best-loved from its original home at JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai but with new items added and all of it Instagram-worthy. Weslodge City Walk has got the meat lovers covered with juicy burgers and steaks. Great food, sourced from the finest suppliers delivers on the credible reputation of our North American cuisine for simple, delicious, and authentic cuisine. Serving up a collection of delicious dining options, quirky mixology, and interiors for you to kick back in the modern-day saloon with the family-friendly atmosphere.

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